Drain Cleaning in League City, TX

power drain auger used for drain cleaning in League City, TexasLet's talk about your slow running drains. You may not think they are a big problem now, but just wait until they start backing up and you're showering in a couple inches of water. Yes, that does happen, quite a bit actually. The good news is that there are some tried and true methods for preventing clogs from building up in your drain lines. Of course, if it's too late for prevention, you can always call us for fast and dependable drain cleaning in League City.

Our team sees clogs of all kinds in every area of the house. We're going to start in the room where we spend the majority of the day - your bathroom. Sinks and tubs almost always cog because of a buildup of hair and soap scum. If you've ever fished out one of these bad boys, you'd know that scum is the appropriate term. Thankfully, these are some of the cheapest and easiest clogs to prevent. Mesh drain covers placed over the drain will immediately stop hair from going down the drain and the most expensive ones are still under $10. If you already have a slow running drain in the bathroom, our team can bring in the power auger and clear it out in no time.

Our Team Will Clear Even The Most Stubborn Clogs

one of our plumbers is clearing a clogged toiletOf course, the worst clog that you can deal with is the toilet clog. Usually a simple plunger can dislodge the clog, but if it doesn't the clog probably was caused by something that shouldn't have been flushed. Most of these objects can be traced back to the little hands of an inquisitive toddler. We've fished out everything from Barbie dolls to a bag of marbles.

From the bathroom, we'll move on to the kitchen. The sheer number of things that go down a kitchen sink is astounding. Unfortunately, some of these things shouldn't be going down the drain or through the garbage disposal. The biggest problem in the kitchen is cooking grease. When it is poured down the drain warm, it immediately cools when it hits the drain pipe. It congeals and affixes itself to the pipes.

From there, the grease slowly picks up other pieces of food that come down the drain and eventually grows to a large enough size to slow the drain, if not stop it completely.

Keeping Your Drain Lines Clear

Garbage disposals clog in a similar manner, but can also clog from stringy or starchy materials being run through them. The drain line on the garbage disposal is much smaller than the main sink drain and just a few potatoes peels or celery strings can clog up the line. Our League City drain clearing team deals with one or more of these every week.

Big clogs in the main drain line of your house are a horse of a different color. They are usually caused by years of build up or invasive tree roots. In either case, you'll need a professional with a power auger or hydrojet to blast the clog away.

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