Let Us Help You Stop Your Pipes From Knocking

our League City plumbing team was called to fix these knocking pipesIf you are sick of hearing those pipes banging in the middle of the night or every time that you turn on the hot water we can help. Our League City plumbing team can help you solve all of your pipe noise problems, usually without having to call us in for a professional fix.

Most knocking pipes are caused by the change in pressure inside of the line when the faucet is closed and when it is opened. Sometimes it is due to poor pipe supports and others it is because of a release of air into line.

The first thing that you need to do is determine where the pipe knocking noises are coming from. So, turn on the faucet and try to track it down. If you can visually see the pipe that is causing the problem, this will be an easy fix. If it is a cold water delivery line and you can see what it is knocking against (another pipe, a wall, a floor joist, etc.) you can stop it by placing a piece of rubber or foam between the pipe and the object it is hitting. If the object is a wooden beam you can even secure it in place with a U-clamp.

Use Foam for Hot Water Lines

to prevent the pipe from knocking cover it in foamA hot water line can often be handled in much the same way, but instead of using rubber, use a piece of foam pipe insulation. This will perform double duty, stopping radiant heat loss and preventing pipe noise. The knocking might be due to the water heater being set too high. This could cause steam to build up at the top of the tank and be released into the pipes when the faucet is opened. Try turning down the temperature on your water heater to around 120 degrees to stop this from happening.

Even if you can't see the pipe, you still might be able to stop it from banging without tearing a hole in your wall. Simply wedge a piece of foam between the pipe and the wall both above and below the point of rattling.

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Another specific problem that might be causing pipes to knock is a phenomenon called water hammer. This happens when a faucet is closed off and fast moving water hits the closed valve sending a shockwave back through the pipe. This sounds much like striking the pipe with a hammer, hence the name. Water hammer happens when the natural air buffers in a pipe system start to fail. This can be fixed by resetting the air buffer chamber by shutting off the water before the buffer chamber and then opening the faucet until all of the water has drained from the line.

If you have tried all of the above and are still having problems with pipes knocking, it is probably due to scale build-up in your lines. You should call in our League City plumbing team to check it out. If it is scale, we will probably have to replace the damaged parts of your plumbing line.

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